Who We Are

My name is Elizabeth along with my husband Seth we have started Pup-Treats. We have three beautiful, healthy, thriving children, three beautiful dogs and two sweet cats.

We love to spoil our pups and that is why we came up with Pup-Treats. There is nothing better than homemade dog treats to spoil your pups. My husband and Iboth have full time jobs, even with my husbands traveling, we could not find healthy homemade treats for our sweet pups. This led us to create and start Pup Treats, this opportunity has enabled us to combine my love for baking and the desire to spoil our puppies with healthy delicious treats. In seeing how much my pups and the pups of our close friends loved the treats we knew that we needed to share these treats with everyone!

Hola! Meet the Founders

We Are Elizabeth & Seth

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